Welcome to Chopp

What Is Chopp

As a Older People’s Partnership voluntary community group in the Chichester area, we provide services for older people. Our aim is to support the health, well being and independence of older people in our community. We believe having a fully functioning home is key for the older generation such as central heating, gas, water, accessible showers and more... Having a warm home is key for many of the older generation, unfortunately central heating systems and boilers do NOT last forever and often require repairs, maintenance or replacements.

It is easy for any of us to pay over the odds for our plumbing and heating services, but unlike the older generation we have the knowledge and resources (Internet) to find the best local plumbers and heating engineers in our local areas. Finding a quality heating engineer or plumber in Chichester or other areas such as a heating engineer in London is usually based on factors such as location (local plumber), cost (affordable), recommended (Reviews and Testimonials) and trust (Word of Mouth Recommendation).

We work in partnership with many independent groups of plumbers and heating engineers in London and Chichester. One in particular is Boiler Breakdowns a London based group of plumbers, heating engineers and boiler specialists. They specialise in all areas of plumbing and heating across the London areas. For more information please visit: www.boilerbreakdowns.com.